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Influencer Marketing



Juan100 is a singer-songwriter with viral influence on Twitter. Juan practices guerrilla marketing, and is self proclaimed monetization expert. In 2018 he started Nuu Era Digital LLC which is located in a home office in Winter Park, Florida. It’s a business where singer-songwriters with social media influence generate leads for businesses and fashionable brands. The company earns money from digital marketing, and music publishing. Juan became interested in the music industry after playing a key role in a featured length film called Smart Shorties. Juan wrote and performed songs teaching math facts for his role in the film. The company paid him his first royalty check over ten years ago. That’s when Juan realized every record sale adds up. He made a passionate decision to attend Full Sail University in 2013 to study recording arts. Shortly after graduation in 2016, he developed the idea of an innovative entertainment company. He decided to return to Full Sail to obtain his master’s degree. This is where Juan developed his business plan. Juan saved living expense loans from school to fund this start up. To give you even more background, Juan wrote his first composition at the age of 7. Ever since then, opportunity just follows him. Juan was selected out of his entire school to travel to New York to play a role in a featured length film which included his lyrics. During filming Juan studied the director Marc Calixte, who wrote The Perfect Holiday starring Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut, and Queen Latifah. Juan studied the film crew and the executive producers. This interest developed throughout his years in high school. Before heading to Full Sail for college Juan self-released some of his first mixtapes and singles. Juan even distributed a single to iTunes before self-distribution was a huge trend. By attending Full Sail Juan added even more skills to his resume. He set up a home studio and began producing higher quality content. Around this time, home studios became more accessible and Juan began to realize how independent songwriters can function similar to a major label. After graduation, and before re-attending Full Sail, Juan went deeper into entertainment business studies. Juan began knocking on doors, at least in the digital perspective. Through the internet on his laptop and cell phone alone, Juan negotiated several agreements with major music services and premium brands.